Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day 2

My first half day went very well. I looked through ten bilingual books and kind of found my feet in terms of how I am going to document my data.

Today is another warm day, and I have a lovely walk from where I'm staying to where I am working in the relatively cool morning.

I cam across two interesting publishing companies of Spanish-English bilingual picturebooks: Cinco Puntos Press and Pinata Press.

I documented two ways of presenting the two languages within the books. The first was English on the LHS and Spanish on the RHS; the second was English first on the page and Spanish below.

On the covers so far English is always first and Spanish second, sometimes in smaller font; the translator is sometimes acknowledged on the cover, and sometimes not. Generally speaking, so far, English is always dominant, and the content of the stories usually have some link to Latino culture, but it is early days...I have a trolley load of books still to go through.

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